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At Brothers Paving in Pasadena, MD, our experienced asphalt paving crew can create newly paved surfaces for your commercial construction project, including driveways, parking lots, roads, and more.

If you need a paving contractor for a new commercial, industrial or residential construction project, including grading and asphalt paving work, then call the expert pavers at Brothers Paving in Pasadena, MD. Our team of experienced professionals will review and analyze the existing surfaces to make sure you have a stable base for asphalt paving. Our new construction paving services include rough and final grading, asphalt paving, concrete curbs and gutters, swales, striping, signage, and wheel stops. We are a one-stop shop for all your new construction asphalt paving needs in Pasadena, MD.

We Manage All Asphalt Projects

Brothers Paving will manage anything from small asphalt paving projects to large industrial and commercial paving projects, adjusting to your needs using different types of asphalt pavement. The traffic volume estimates for each area will be reviewed and analyzed to make sure the type of asphalt used for each paved surface can handle the required amount of use, customizing every project to meet engineer expectations and provide customer satisfaction.

During the process of working with our asphalt paving team in Pasadena, MD, we will review grading issues, site conditions, and pre-existing conditions to make sure that before we start paving, the site is in good shape to receive the additional load.

New construction asphalt paving can result in many benefits to your property, including:
  • Strength and durability
  • Minimal required maintenance
  • Smooth, continuous surfaces
  • Withstands freezing and thawing and other environmental conditions
  • Flexible and elastic to dynamically accept varying loads
  • Easy to repair
  • Economic and affordable

How Long Does Asphalt Paving Last?

Generally, asphalt pavement lasts between 10 and 25 years. However, the real lifespan depends on many different factors. To calculate how long your asphalt pavement will last, consider the following factors:

1. The Traffic Intensity

How much pressure is the asphalt pavement under? Do heavy vehicles drive over it daily? Or maybe one car is parked on the pavement overnight. The more traffic your asphalt pavement endures, the shorter the lifespan is.

You can extend the surface’s life by arranging regular inspections and maintenance. However, with heavy traffic, the asphalt is unlikely to last more than 10 years.

2. Quality of Installation

Proper installation is the key to asphalt’s longevity. For example, without proper edging, the surface may start breaking down within weeks after installation. Or if you decide to install the asphalt when the weather is too humid or rainy, you may have a tough time doing it properly.

Meanwhile, using the asphalt surface before it has sufficient time to dry could lead to damage. It will eventually result in cracks, holes, and other issues.

3. Proper Maintenance

Even though asphalt paving is highly durable, it requires regular maintenance to last longer. Without due attention, a small overlooked crack can turn into a pothole within weeks.

Timely inspections, regular cleaning, and high-quality repair are an integral part of asphalt maintenance. The maximum life expectancy can’t be achieved without them. The more beating your asphalt pavement takes, the closer maintenance it requires.

4. Climate

The asphalt’s lifespan depends on the weather it has to endure. The ideal climate for such pavement is warm temperatures, minimum rain, and absence of temperature fluctuations. In Southern California, asphalt suffers from heat and precipitation.

Heat causes cracks in the pavement. Water seeps in and erodes the sub-surface layers. As a result, an air gap forms beneath the pavement, creating a pothole.

Where Do You Plan To Install Asphalt?

Your asphalt’s lifespan depends on where and how you plan to use it.

Residential driveway — since the driveway doesn’t endure too much traffic, you can expect the pavement to last up to 25 years. But only if it’s a new construction. Repaved driveways last about 10 to 15 years.
Parking lots — depending on the type of vehicles that enter your parking lot, the pavement can last between 15 and 25 years. Regular heavy truck traffic may reduce the lifespan. Without proper maintenance, parking lot pavement can deteriorate after as little as 5 years.
Residential streets — asphalt pavement on low-traffic streets lasts about 20 years before the need to resurface.
Highways — since these roads take a heavy beating, they may need resurfacing after 10 to 15 years.

The experienced professionals at Brothers Paving keep every aspect of the job in mind, making sure to pave at the right temperatures and avoiding costly changes due to improper management of asphalt. Our asphalt paving company will work quickly and professionally, whether a whole new road needs to be created or just a pothole filled in. We will always provide the correct asphalt mix for your new construction paving, and our trained paving professionals will review and make adjustments during our asphalt paving process to manage any unforeseen conditions, so there won’t be any surprises or rework needed at the end.

Trust Brothers Paving for your next paving job, whether you need a new asphalt driveway, residential driveway repair, or asphalt driveway sealcoating in Pasadena, MD or the surrounding areas.


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